In this radio rumination, I explore the psychological tactic, gaslighting as it relates to 9/11, climate change, and Covid. (See text below).

This episode was originally broadcast on Sunday, August 15th. Freedom Loves Company airs Sunday evenings from 8-10 pm Eastern Time on Revolution.Radio, Studio B.


August 15, 2021

I would like to talk about gaslighting. Only fairly recently did I learn the term. I was talking to clergy friends maybe two and half years ago now. We would talk candidly about our experiences as pastors. I was talking about how I was made to feel that I was doing a crappy job in church, that I was aware of whispering behind my back that I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to do and so forth. My clergy friend simply said, “Gaslighting.” He explained that is when a group or an individual make you feel crazy or unworthy or bad about yourself. That it is all your fault.

I was grateful that he named something that was true. It happened enough to clergy that there was a name for it and clergy knew it (although I didn’t know the term at the time, I did know the concept).

Since then, I have heard and used the term often. Medical News Today offers this definition:

“Gaslighting is a form of psychological abuse where a person or group makes someone question their sanity, perception of reality, or memories. People experiencing gaslighting often feel confused, anxious, and unable to trust themselves.

The term gaslighting derives from the 1938 play and 1944 film Gaslight, in which a husband manipulates his wife into thinking she has a mental illness by dimming their gas-fueled lights and telling her she is hallucinating.”

Gaslighting. Is it the same word when applied to a population of people as the victim? Gaslighting may be the best term to describe the collective psychological attack on humanity that we are experiencing now.

Gaslighting. Making someone think they are crazy.

Gaslighting. Making someone think something is their fault when it isn’t.

Gaslighting. With clear intent, making people feel anxious, confused, and unable to trust themselves.

Let’s think of some recent examples. Recent examples that are ongoing.

It is powerful, authoritative entities that do this. Controlling personalities. Narcissistic personalities do this. Gaslighting is also a tactic that is taught to people say Facebook fact-checkers to demean people on the internet. Nearly every day, so-called “fact-checkers” interrupt your conversations correcting what you said. It is unbelievably Owellian that this is happening. They are trying to make you as the author or any reader not believe what you posted, as if their fact-checking is absolute divine truth. You are crazy and wrong if you don’t believe this. Most of this fact-checking is done by bots and algorithms, not even people.

This fact-checking is of course selective. They only fact-check heresies in the narrative that their bosses or programmers do not want heard. For example, say anything about the needle and you get the fact-check that the vaccines are all safe and effective. But not just vaccines. After awhile you learn the narrative that they are pushing and begin to realize that if you are being fact-checked, you are getting close to the target. Assuming you do have your facts right.

Fact-checking is a form of gaslighting. Gaslighting as tactic. You find this in the Facebook comment section of a news channel. Every story has as many people as needed to come out and stop any honest questions with ridicule or passive-aggressive comments. Millions of dollars, maybe tens of millions of dollars are spent on paid accounts and bots to reinforce the narrative on these news outlets. The affect is gaslighting. Making people doubt themselves or shy away from expressing their own opinions or honest questions. They are hostile comments. They are comments that try to shame people. All kinds of different strategies are used by these commenters. But the goal is to make people doubt their own selves and their own experiences.

For instance, I remember seeing a bunch of chemtrails over Portland a couple of years ago. It was quite obvious that we were being sprayed. I can’t recall exactly where it was that this discussion was happening on-line, but immediately, the authoritative, “I am smarter than anyone else here” commenter would fact-check and shame anyone who would say that what they saw in the sky was anything but planes doing their natural thing.

You know this experience. It took me a long time to realize that many, many, many of the accounts on Facebook are fake and are for that purpose. Once I realized that, I felt two things. First, depression at one more instance of the money and pressure constantly poured into silencing us. We are up against a powerful, well-trained enemy. But secondly, it also made me realize that these are not real people. They are fake people, literally in some cases, bots, but also even if real, fake, because they are paid accounts. That second realization was freeing. Once you ignore their noise, there are real people asking questions, and more than I thought. Now I just block them. This is war. They are enemies. Anyone who puts a mocking emoji on my post, I block them. Anyone who comments in line with the narrative, I block. I am not conversing with them. They are enemy. I may toy with them. But I block them. I am conversing with real people who have been gaslit and yet still are waking up.

Here is an example of gaslighting.

We are coming up on the 20th anniversary of September 11th

Anyone with two eyes can see that World Trade Center Towers One and Two, the twin towers were blown to kingdom come in pyroclastic dust clouds. Another skyscraper, the 47 story World Trade Center Building Seven, came down in classic controlled demolition at 5:20 in the afternoon. Anyone who looks at a video of it can see that.

Except that you can’t see that. You can’t see it because you have been gaslit for twenty years by the best gaslighters on Earth. If you didn’t know the story, and just saw the buildings, you would know they were blown up with explosives. But because we were trained in the government’s orthodoxy from the very first minutes, and shamed, cajoled, threatened, and mocked, since then, by every institution, media outlet, and government agency we have been, as a whole, with a few exceptions, gaslit on a major scale.

The gaslighters, ultimately those responsible for the false flag of 9/11, were able to convince the American people that what you see with your own eyes cannot be trusted. Experts need to tell you what really happened. This psychological tactic has worked.

What else? Cannabis and hemp. For a century, cannabis has been framed as a horrible drug. It was made illegal around the world. Why? Hemp is a valuable product. It is high energy and it is able to be made into many products, like oil is. It was seen to be a threat to the oil industry as well as the pharmaceutical industry. So people have been gaslit that cannabis is bad. I recommend a documentary by Massimo Mazucco. It is somewhat dated in regards to the current legal status of cannabis in some states, but it tells the history of the gaslighting against the people regarding this natural plant that has co-evolved with humanity for millions of years. His film is called, “The True History of Marijuana.”  He has made a number of important documentaries including films about cancer, 9/11, and even the moon landing. I interviewed him about his film American Moon a couple of years ago on KBOO in Portland.

The more I look into this, and I am just a newbie, I am finding that we have been are being gaslit in major ways about virtually everything. Let’s get specific again.

What if you convince a healthy person that she is sick when, in fact, she isn’t sick? Even though she feels healthy, she has no symptoms; nonetheless, she doubts her very health because you wouldn’t lie to her, would you? That is called gaslighting.

This is one of the central pillars of this scamdemic that has been used to destroy us these past 18 months. Asymptomatic transmission. Meaning, you have no symptoms, but you could be sick anyway. Because of this gaslighting, the whole lockdown extravaganza, masking, social isolation, all of it, is able to be done. If people trust their own bodies, their own experiences, their own senses, they would know if they are sick or not. But the gaslighting, because it comes from a massive authoritarian arsenal of propaganda, the experts, people are psychologically attacked and are anxious, confused, and doubt their own senses. After a while, people believe it and even defend it. The gaslighting becomes the Stockholm Syndrome, where people are so brain-addled that they take the side of their oppressor.

Back to gaslighting.

No one goes to the doctor and says, “I don’t have any symptoms, Doc, but I may have the flu.” But now, you don’t need symptoms. You take a test. An ominous take a stick up your nose almost into your brain test to show you have the disease.  Dr. Annie Bukacek, on my show three weeks ago, showed how the PCR is unreliable, that is putting it mildly. Fake is the way to say it properly. It is a scam. The “cases” are not of sick people but positive results of a fake test.

But it doesn’t end there. Children and adults have been gaslit into believing that children are potentially contagious with a disease they do not have, and cannot even get, but they can spread it.

This is all absurd on the face of it. It is a blatant in your face lie, but it has been foisted upon us by the media, primarily, so that most people, the vast majority have been gaslit into submission.

We have been shut down by gaslighting. People wear muzzles because they are afraid that you are sick when you are not. They are gaslit further by being told that they wear their masks for you. If you don’t wear it for others, you are selfish. If you make an objection to the governmental actions based on the Bill of Rights, or any fundamental human right truth, you are singled out as a selfish individual, even as you are fighting for the individual rights of those who participate in the government’s gaslighting. Individual rights are everyone’s individual rights.

The gaslighting is pervasive. Everything is thrown at you if you stand up for your own self and your own experience and your own expression. The namecalling, oh my gosh. You are an idiot! You don’t believe in science! Where is your medical degree? You don’t love Jesus!

Now it is at a level of mass insanity. The world is a very dangerous place right now. After 18 months the gaslighting has now turned people’s minds into cement. Now the Covid Psyop is perhaps as cemented into consciousness as the 9/11 Psyop or the Cannabis Psyop or even the Climate Change Psyop.

I was on the other side of this for a while, until I began to realize that it is a similar thing. Those pushing the narrative have an agenda for its solution. The world is messed up because your carbon footprint is too big. You eat meat. You drive too big of a car. Whatever. It is you who are responsible for the wildfires and the hot temperatures and the violent storms. The only solution is to have the experts solve the problem for you. We are being gaslit into thinking that everyday people are destroying the planet and in a very weird way that only supposed scientists can figure out.

Part of what is consistent in gaslighting is that so-called science and experts have the truth and you do not. Gaslighting is based on fascism. It is based on authoritarianism. It is based on abuse.

From my perspective, that is all it is, but it is mine and I will express it. From my perspective, climate change is a scam. We are being gaslit by it. The real problem is energy contraction, namely Peak Oil. We have been on the downslope of conventional oil production for at least ten years. We have hit energy limits and are collapsing. I recommend the film, “End of Suburbia” but not the one on-line. Get the full version. People to recommend include James Howard Kunstler, John Michael Greer, Richard Heinberg, and others.

But back to gaslighting. The connection between the climate change solution and the covid solution is eerily similar. Austerity. Stay home. Less driving. Less flying. Less contact with others. Less use of energy. New cars are not being made. Agricultural equipment is not being made. I paid the other day $96 for two sheets of plywood. Construction materials, when you can get them, are three times what they were before this scamdemic. It has nothing to do with a virus. That is the gaslighting. It is the so-called response to the virus, a response that has been planed for a long time.  And now, eat less meat. In fact, the controllers will be manufacturing some nice insect burgers for you. Why? Because cows fart and are creating methane that is warming the planet.

All of this is done through lies. Gaslighting is a lie. But it is a particularly insidious lie as it makes people doubt their own reality. It takes your humanity away from you. You are sick. You are sick until proven healthy and you will never be proven healthy, because you could have just picked up the covid right now.

Will people ever wake up to this?

What I mean essentially, is the gaslighting regarding this covid thing. The other issues I am exploring as I learn. I am not insisting that you accept everything I say. I don’t insist at all. I don’t care what you believe or don’t believe. I don’t want to imply that to get the concept of gaslighting and in particular the gaslighting regarding Covid that you have to accept all the other examples that I think are also gaslighting.

Back to the basics. I hope to make a successful impression that gaslighting is the central psychological operation used against all of us by the billionaires controlling us. The pillar of this scam is based upon believing that everyone is sick when they don’t have any symptoms. That is the scam in a nutshell.

That you are sick until proven healthy. Unless you wear your muzzle, unless you take the needle, you are hurting other people. That is gaslighting. It is a lie.

Unless you wear your muzzle, unless you take the needle, unless you isolate yourself from others, you are preventing society from getting back to normal. That is gaslighting. It is a lie.

If you say things that challenge the narrative of the authorities that you hear on “the news” you are crazy. You are wrong. You are a conspiracy theorist. That is gaslighting. It is a lie.

We know how to take care of ourselves when we are sick. Nothing magically changed in the world to change that. But those in authority act as though it did and are doing everything in every institution possible to make you think that is the case. That there is an invisible sickness that you must believe you have. It is gaslighting.

The cure, in my opinion, is to ask yourself, are you sick or not? I am not. If I do get sick. I will stay home. I won’t sneeze on you.

This is all a scam. The world has been shut down for this.

Now the variants. Well, do you think these variants, to the extent that they exist, might actually be reactions from the injections themselves? The media is pushing out fear porn every ten seconds. When that happens, the default should be, “Bullcrap.” They are lying. They are gaslighting.

Does that mean that no one is getting sick? No, I am not saying that.  There are biological agents. I think the US attacked Iran with them for sure. There are likely many of these agents that can be used and are used to attack people and make them sick. Think of all the crap everywhere that is making us sick. It will get worse. Now, people are getting injected with poisons. They are having adverse reactions to them.

We are told that it is the unvaccinated that are filling up the hospitals. Well, I am not so sure about that. Especially as I have seen reports that people with just one jab are considered unvaccinated. They are not fully vaccinated. So therefore they are unvaccinated. In my accounting, they have still been injected and that injection could be the cause of the illness.

I don’t know. Who knows? Who knows what is really happening in those hospitals?

As I see it, this is the collapse of civilization and the rearranging of our human systems. The Great Reset. Check out my interview with Tessa Lena. She is writing some great stuff on the Great Reset. Same with Michael Rectenwald, also on my show recently. 

But the tactic that is consistent, in my observation, is gaslighting.

Making you doubt your own self, senses, experiences, and expressions. Gaslighting steals your humanity from you. It browbeats you. It abuses you.

You have to keep telling yourself:

I know what I see, hear, taste, smell, touch, experience. I will not be gaslit. I cannot stop people from trying to gaslight me. I can’t stop them from saying stuff that isn’t true, but I don’t need to internalize it. It isn’t real. I know who I am. I may be wrong about some things. I can change my mind. I can research for myself. I do not have to be told what is authoritative and what is not. I don’t have to be told what is a reliable source and what is not. I don’t have to be fact-checked. I can figure these things out for myself, thank you. If you are interested in exploring with me, well freedom loves company.

Gaslighting is a spiritual attack. It is an attack on our soul. It is important to do good stuff for your soul. It is good to internalize love and peace and joy.  It is good to internalize courage. It is good to internalize truth. It is good to hang out, in person, and online as well with people who do not gaslight you. Don’t let people call you crazy. Keep a safe distance from them. They are not healthy for you.

Sadly the divisions that are constantly being thrown at us are dividing families and friends. This is not about health. Healthy authorities who cared about actual health would never do this kind of stuff. A media corporation, a president, a governor, a doctor, who cares about you, does not lie to you with all of this fear porn and then scapegoat those who question it as awful people.

We are in for what James Howard Kunstler calls a long emergency. The authorities will be throwing panic after panic after panic upon us. The road is dangerous and bumpy and long. It won’t be over with some dramatic nuclear bomb next year, at least I don’t think. We are in for a long transformation. While dangerous, it does not mean we should live in fear.

We are going to die, someday. Until then, let us live.

This really is my point. Don’t let anyone gaslight you.

You are good. You are beautiful. You are healthy. You are a carrier of joy and goodness and truth and these bastards are not going to take that away.

Gaslighting is deception.

Spirituality conquers deception in a few important ways.

(The following was taken from Ekklesia).

First: Do Not Fear.

Fear is not from God. Fear is from the Deceiver. These Serpents feed off of our fear. There is nothing to fear. They can kill us. That’s it. They can kill the body, not the soul. We will die anyway at some point. Let us die for Christ. Let us die for Allah. Let us die because it is better to die than be a slave. Banish fear from your life. When you feel afraid, find your Bible. Find your Qur’an. Pray. Breathe. Breathe in and out.

“I am not afraid. God is near.”

From the Qur’an:

Do you think that you could enter paradise without having suffered like those [believers] who passed away before you? Misfortune and hardship befell them, and so shaken were they that the apostle, and the believers with him, would exclaim, “When will God’s succor come?”

O, verily, God’s succor is [always] near!

From Psalm 46:

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change,
though the mountains shake in the heart of the sea;
though its waters roar and foam,
though the mountains tremble with its tumult.

Feeling afraid? Pray it. Doesn’t seem to work? Pray it again. Pray away the fear.

Second: Stay away from the media.

It is programming designed to mess you up. Know that. It is enemy propaganda. Purify yourself from it. It is everywhere. Social media is controlled by the enemy, too. All of it belongs to the enemy. All media. Don’t spend too much time on the screens. We have to use it, but it belongs to the enemy. Know that. Be careful. Don’t spend so much time in it that you get burned. Don’t listen to the smooth-talking celebrities or politicians, no matter how much you like them. They are tools of the enemy. This is all deception. Rule of thumb that I mentioned last week. Anyone who is unable to be truthful about 9/11 cannot be trusted. They either haven’t done the research or they are lying about it or they are so deceived that they are worthless.

Three: Instead, spend your time researching what is real.

Here are some names to search through Duck Duck Go on your Brave browser. There are more than this list. There are people out there searching for what is true and reporting it to you. These are a few that I know.

Kevin BarrettSpiro SkourasDavid IckeJames CorbettVanessa BeeleyMark TalianoChuck BaldwinAnnie BukacekHelen Buyniski.

This is not an exhaustive list. They are people I know.

Watch their videos. Read their articles. I post a lot of stuff on my Facebook page from different sources. I will do so until it is deleted and until I am deleted.

We are being erased. However, the truth is rising. We need truth warriors.

Don’t believe everything. Discern for yourself. Be strong.

Four: Know who your friends are and who the enemy is.

This is war. Be careful. Know who your friends are. They are few. Know who the enemy is. Most people are computer programs. The government presses ENTER and people stand in line, put on a mask, and snitch on their neighbors. They work for the enemy. The enemy is the one who imposed this lockdown. Remember, we did not ask for this. We did not discuss this. This was imposed upon us.

Five: Know that you have a purpose.

It is no accident that you are here now. It is no accident that you are hearing this or watching it or reading it. This is the apocalypse. You are alive in the midst of it. You need to be strong. You need to be a warrior.

Six: Take risks.

Take the risks you can to live like a human being. I cannot tell you what to do. You will have to figure that out. But meeting with a community can help.


1) Do Not Fear.
2) Stay Away from the Media.
3) Research What is Real.
4) Know Your Friends and Your Enemy.
5) Know You Have a Purpose.
6) Take Risks

You didn’t sign up for this. I get it. This got dumped on us.

The best I see it is that you and I are Eternal Consciousness having a particular experience. When we identify so closely with the experience that we cannot free ourselves from our emotions, we need to remember who we are spiritually. We need to meditate, pray, journal, exercise, do whatever it takes to realize that we have a body but we are not our body. We have emotions but we are not our emotions. We have thoughts but we are not our thoughts. We can step back from them and realize that reality. We are from above. We are part of the eternal. We are of God. One day we shall return. We will ascend like Jesus (pbuh).

One of the practices that has been taken from us, perhaps the most important practice, is to gather physically and share our experience. We have to take that back. Get together physically, with people you love, and be human. Touch. Hug. Embrace. Pray. Weep. Laugh.

That is the church, the Greek word is ekklesia, the physical gathering of people.

Let us be that again. Now.


I Continue to Hope–Radio Rumination

I Continue to Hope–Radio Rumination


In this radio rumination, I explore the importance of hope even when (especially when) evil is deceiving the world. Topics discussed include the American Library Association removing the “Intellectual Freedom” paragraph from its professional ethics page, The USS Liberty, Anti-lockdown Pastor Greg Locke of Tennessee, Biden’s enforcement of the needle on federal employees, and a prayer from Michael Rectenwald. (Text Below)

This episode originally aired Sunday, August 1st, 2021. Catch Freedom Loves Company LIVE, Sundays, 6-8 pm Mountain, 8-10 pm Eastern, Midnight to 2 am GMT. Revolution.Radio Studio B.


Continue to Hope

August 1, 2021

I will continue to hope because it is not about my limited vision. I trust that the world was created by a benign cosmic intelligence that I call God. If God so wills that humans will be destroyed by satanic forces, then that is what will happen. If God decides on a different outcome then that will happen.

I don’t feel so serene, however. I wrote this today on my Facebook page:

“This descent into the reset will not be completed quickly. It may be like a degenerative disease. Each day we lose more freedoms and experience more pain until we are motionless on our backs. But excruciatingly, the decline lasts for years. We have to get used to finding ways to live and find joy in its midst. We can fight the powers. That will provide some meaning. We can hope for a cure. But the reality is that this disease is terminal and progressive, and salvation is in our capacity to endure to the end.

I will likely argue my existence and the unfairness of it all on these platforms for awhile longer until I realize (like grief) that no one, especially Meaning itself (God, the Universe, whatever) is interested in my need. When I finally lose that desire for what I do and say “to matter” in some objective sense, I can live with this progressive nightmare not as a nightmare but just a real crappy dream with perhaps some dark humor to lighten the load. Cannabis might be a helpful analgesic.

Change my mind, please.”

Then I attended church. It is a Spirit-centered church. I have been attending for over a year. The church never gave in to the lockdowns and other nonsense. This church has provided much needed spiritual strength. The preacher said today, “God’s Word works. It just doesn’t happen in a day. It may take a while.”

You need to attend church. I am not talking about attending a Covid Cult church, if they are even worshiping at all without masking and reporting you to the government. I am talking about a real church that does not worship fear and deception. But a church that preaches the gospel of freedom. Galatians 5:1:

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

I have not given up hope yet that we may be saved from this reset. I just don’t see how it will happen. Australia is under military lockdown. The UK is hopeless. Germany has outlawed protests and is enforcing this tyranny. The rhetoric in the mainstream propaganda outlets is extreme. They are inciting hatred against those are who not vaccinated. Constant lying. Shameless.

Last June, June 2020, I wrote this on my website:

If you do not want a vaccine (and you do not), you will need to connect with others like you. Protect each other. Support each other. Those who refuse the vaccine will have lives very difficult to live if not impossible without alternative ways to find food, shelter, travel, employment, and basic health care. Nothing the authorities and the media say is real. They are your enemy. Find your friends.

COVID is not about a killer virus. it is about a killer vaccine. Refuse.”

Even as I wrote it myself last June 2020, I wondered if I might be exaggerating. But this is coming true now. The mainstream propaganda is insisting that employers have the right to force vaccination or fire you. This is happening. Just as the “conspiracy theorists” said it would.

I wrote this on another pastor’s page after hearing how loving others means taking the needle. I wrote:

Yesterday, I discovered that the American Library Association changed its statement of professional ethics, removing the language of “intellectual freedom” which has been the foundation of library ethics since 1939. This is big. Libraries. Librarians. How many are there? They are everywhere. They have been a bulwark against censorship, at least they used to be. Now they only care about stopping what they call “misinformation” and pushing what they call “authoritative sources.”

Before June 29, 2021, just last month, intellectual freedom was the centerpiece of library ethics. It was on the American Library Association’s website. I have linked to it and quoted it many times. In fact, I quoted it in a letter to a local newspaper. “Intellectual Freedom” is the cornerstone of library ethics. I want you to get what I am saying. This is the cornerstone, the foundation of ethical behavior for libraries and for library professionals. Here is the definition of Intellectual Freedom, what once was the cornerstone of library ethics:

“Intellectual freedom can exist only where two essential conditions are met: first, that all individuals have the right to hold any belief on any subject and to convey their ideas in any form they deem appropriate, and second, that society makes an equal commitment to the right of unrestricted access to information and ideas regardless of the communication medium used, the content of work, and the viewpoints of both the author and the receiver of information.” – Intellectual Freedom Manual, 7th edition“

This means that libraries and librarians do not exist to tell you what is good information and what is misinformation. They exist to protect people’s fundamental right to freedom of opinion and to express that opinion and to access information. It is foundational. It is the Bible for librarians. Now, as of June 29, 2021, intellectual freedom no longer exists on its webpage as a guiding principle.

It is as if Christians just ripped out of their Bibles the Gospel of John. Or if the first amendment to the constitution was removed. It is that central.

What does this mean? It means you cannot trust libraries or librarians any longer. They cannot be trusted to protect your privacy. They cannot be trusted to give you access to the information you want and need.

This is the result of the cult, the covidian cult, the covid cult. This satanic cult has infiltrated all of our institutions. Publishing, media, education, religion, medicine, politics. Everything has been taken over by these globalist cultists. As I see it, the primary attack is on the individual’s right to information and to express one’s own opinion.

If there is one thing I can name that is the fundamental loss in this attack on humanity, it is humanity’s loss of intellectual freedom, which the library used to protect. It does so no longer. Let me read it again; it is so critical.

“Intellectual freedom can exist only where two essential conditions are met: first, that all individuals have the right to hold any belief on any subject and to convey their ideas in any form they deem appropriate, and second, that society makes an equal commitment to the right of unrestricted access to information and ideas regardless of the communication medium used, the content of work, and the viewpoints of both the author and the receiver of information.” – Intellectual Freedom Manual, 7th edition“

Personally, I will not give up intellectual freedom. I will exercise it. I will exercise my fundamental rights of speech, worship, assembly, bodily autonomy, informed consent. I will not surrender that. This is it. This is the line in the sand. This the difference between slavery and freedom.

Institution after institution after institution has willingly surrendered this from fear. Fear coupled with deception.

Is it any wonder that I am depressed? Is it any wonder that I am in a stupor? Is it any wonder that I have given up hope on humanity ever waking up? If you don’t defend this, you are nothing. You are worth no more than a lab rat. That is what you are. If you do not defend intellectual freedom and act from it every day, in every moment, you are as good as enslaved already.

My only hope is supernatural intervention. I am not discounting that by any means. In fact, that is all that has a hope of saving us, in my opinion. If I were God, thank God I am not, but if I were God, I would say to hell with humanity. They are so stupid and worthless that they cannot even defend their God-given rights that I, Lord have given them! They are not worth saving.

As I said, it is good that I am not God. I don’t have the patience and long-suffering that God has. I also don’t have anything that God has, including wisdom and understanding. God sees where I do not. I hope God does exist and God will intervene against these globalist elites who will destroy the human race. My hope in humanity by itself is gone.

Among many agendas, depopulation is at the top of the list. Depriving us of individuality is the method. Turning us into obedient, compliant slaves is the process. Masking, divide and conquer, gaslighting, censoring, injecting us with poisons, fear, fear, fear of media-created illnesses are just some of the ways we are being destroyed.

I am grateful for some people who are awake. I am hoping that there are more people becoming aware and awake than I see. But let us be realistic. The enemy has all the weapons. The primary weapon is psychology.

Yet, I also know that a small minority can change the world.

I know that God has acted in history.

I know that the USS Liberty did not sink on June 8th, 1967, despite all the firepower of Israel and the Traitor-In-Chief, Lyndon Baines Johnson’s best efforts. Israel tried to sink it and kill every American sailor aboard, but Israel was unable to do so.

I know that when we focus our mind and spirit on what is true, good, and beautiful, when we are connected with Goodness, with God, with eternal Consciousness, that miracles can happen.    

We need miracles now.

Shout out to Pastor Greg Locke of Global Vision Bible Church in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. He has been pilloried by the mainstream propaganda outlets for his ministry. He is resisting the lockdowns. He is done with the masking and all of that nonsense. The propaganda outlets want to make it about him not welcoming people with masks. Oh, how unchristian, how exclusive. Whatever. That isn’t what he is talking about.

This is from the fake news propaganda outlet, The Tennessean, in Nashville:

I think my comment was shadow-banned as I received no replies, not even laughing emojis. I wrote the same thing twice on two different articles in the paper’s facebook page. No response.

Kudos to Pastor Greg Lock. We need more like him. This covidian scam is a satanic cult. I will say it again, this covidian scam is a satanic cult.

The church may be our last hope. The library is worthless. That isn’t to say there may be a librarian out there who still believes and acts upon “intellectual freedom” but as an institution, the library is now a vehicle for the great reset.

My denomination, the Presbyterian Church USA, of which I am a pastor, has nearly completely given itself over to this satanic cult. It is heartbreaking to see old clergy friends promoting the needle and losing all critical faculties. Again, there may be pastors who have not sold their souls to the covidian cult, but if so, now would be the time to speak out. 

We do not have much time before we are stripped of agency to fight.

The larger church still has hope. There are congregations, including the one I attend, as well as Chuck Baldwin’s church, Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana, and Henry Hildebrandt’s church in Ontario, Canada, that resist this cult. The church may be our last hope.  Do catch my interviews with Dr. Annie Bukacek, who attends Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana and with Henry Hildebrandt of the Church of God in Aylmer, Ontario. They are warriors.

The enemy is trying to inject college students and athletes with their poison based on a fake pandemic. We have to fight this with everything we have. I am going to do that. Are you with me?

Yeah, I am depressed. It is because I see what is happening. But I am not giving up. I am not going to let these oligarchs kill us and enslave those they don’t kill without a fight. I fight on every platform I can. This is an information war. They use information to deceive and destroy us. We have to use information to show that there are voices who are being censored who tell a very different story. They will have to physically kill me. I am not alone. Are you with me?

This is war. We have to fight.

Michael Rectenwald who was on my program a couple of weeks ago wrote this yesterday.

“Crime is vastly rewarded while honesty is chained and bound.

Thieves and murderers run rampant while imprisoning the innocent.

The good are afflicted with a thousand maladies, while the evil laugh and mock them with glee.

The world is a carnival of evil, a grotesquerie of sickness, perversion, and wickedness.

Hear, Oh Lord, my prayers. Rescue us from the tyrants, the liars, the thieves in the night.

And those who would deny You, let them not make a mockery of our sorrow and pain.

Save me from the snares of this sinful place, and spare me for your kingdom.


We are face to face with evil. Nothing you are doing is more important than being informed about our situation, and once informed acting, however you can, to resist this evil.

This past week, Puppet Biden announced injections will be required for all federal workers. My response:

“When Biden announces needle mandates for federal employees, and other corporations and institutions do the same, I know that affects people reading this. People are worried and afraid. And parents! How can children be protected from these monsters? These are impossible decisions. They pluck us up piece by piece. I don’t have the answer. I don’t pretend to have one. I pray for strength for you. I pray for whatever you need. I pray for all of us. The answer keeps coming back:

“Trust…..Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.”

Do what you need to do to connect with God. You can’t think your way out of this. No calculation works. No one knows what to do. If they did, then this would not be happening. We have to admit that we need the protection of Love. Allow Love to guide.

“The one who endures to the end will be saved.”

Matthew 24:13”

Why do people believe these falsehoods? 

The primary reason is that they promulgated 24/7. It is difficult to get away from the lies, but you can. Turn off the TV. Shun the media propaganda. Think. Think this through.

I will close with this…

Many people don’t really believe this nonsense or that they will get covid. Obviously, some do. But many people just want the lockdowns and the mandates to end, or at least end for them. So they obey. They obey thinking that the oligarchs will go easier on them. Here is the truth:

The #covidcult makes people believe that they will be spared the horrors of the police state if they obey. Nope. Enslavement is for everyone.

Everyone goes down. No matter how obedient you are, you will still be enslaved like every one else. The only way out of this is to refuse to comply.

Refuse to comply.

Refuse to comply.