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I appreciate your feedback. You can comment regarding specific programs on the blog, and contact me via facebook, twitter, or by e-mail. If you are a station manager, publicist, or potential guest, the best way to contact me is via e-mail. Authors and publicists can send review copies of books either to my work address. I am interested in ideas for guests or topics and happy to speak with station managers about how Progressive Spirit can increase your listener-ship and engage your audience.

John Shuck
Progressive Spirit/Beloved Community
KBOO 90.7
20 SE 8th Avenue, Box 57
Portland, OR 97214

shuck [at] progressive

5 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Happy Holidays (!) Rev Shuck

    I am signed up to your weekly e-mails. I found your show on WETS-FM some years ago when you pastored in Virginia. I am curious about your move to Oregon, and especially curious about protests against your opinions.

    I am an activist for Bernie , and in this era of Kim Davis and Conservative churches campaigning for candidates, unconstitutionally , in my opinion , I am really interested in what you have had to deal with on that front.

    I can see that you like to proclaim the positive, and I am not against that, but , I want to know all events.

    I enjoy your show. It helps me connect with what I have had to explore alone. I am a member of several liberal Yahoo groups : this is an e-mail address to one

    The name is self explanatory. Membership runs the list from liberal Christians in Kansas , to Atheists. I mention your show whenever it is appropriate. This has been a most appropriate season! Lots of commentary about religion.

    Anyhow , I would really like to know what kind of public issues you have had to face. I think of the Civil Rights movement , Black Lives Matter , today , in this aspect.

    Finally , have you ever had , or plan to have , a show about Native American spirituality ?


    Bob Carr

    Asheville, NC

    1. Hello again
      I enjoy your show and wish it was 60 minutes rather than 30.
      I have been listening to the the news about the Zika virus , and it made me wonder if you could do a show about how religious doctrine interferes ( or helps?) with solving medical issues around the world.

      Is this a serious problem of interest to all?

      Sincerely ,
      Bob Carr

      Asheville , NC

    1. Hello Rev Shuck :

      How about musician Robbie Robertson?

      Unfortunately , I don’t know of anyone , personally , I could recommend.

      I went on a personal Spiritual journey through liberal Christianity .

      (UCC and Methodists , with a short detour into Charismatic , as a source of Faith Healing. The Indians are better at that!)

      I’m a fan of R W Emerson. He was a century ahead of his time.

      Somehow , a lot of literature about and by Native Americans came to me (some say it’s a matter of personal attraction) , and I became fond of both indigenous culture and Shamanism. It’s all been just a matter of solo study.

      I found that performing some rituals were helpful. I need to do that again.

      Much of my interest began with ‘Black Elk Speaks’ many years ago.

      I have listened to your show long since you were in Virginia (WETS-FM). I try not to miss it , wish it were an hour in length.


      Robert (Bob) Carr

      Leicester (Asheville) , NC

    2. Dear Rev Shuck,

      In my previous post , I forgot to mention that I too am a ‘None’.

      While I gained quite an exciting Biblical education from the churches I attended , I never could fit in .

      It wasn’t necessarily a Doctrinal issue ; it was more a Social thing. I seem to be a Freethinking , one-off kind of person. It’s a bit of a lonely place , I had many issues to work through . But it seems to me the portion I was given.

      Another place of growth I was led to can be found here :

      This is the site of counselor and author of “The Verbally Abusive Relationship ” , Ms. Patricia Evans , based in California.

      This is a different topic from Shamanism. It is related to Domestic Violence and the psychology that enables it. Perhaps Ms. Evans might be easier for you to have as a guest. Your listeners could gain a lot from what she has to say.

      I know I did!

      I never get tired of advocating her work.


      Robert (Bob) Carr

      Asheville , NC

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