For Independence Day, I speak with Cat McGuire about Cyber Polygon, a simulation to occur July 9th.


According to Cat:

“The simulation is meant to defensively prepare for extreme worldwide chaos arising from hacked supply chains and a control-grid blackout. The end goal might well be instead their self-serving desire to bring our global financial system to its knees.”

In a powerpoint of her presentation in June, she placed Cyber Polygon in the context of a history of other such simulations.

From her website:

“Cat is a truth activist in New York City currently focused on the Great Reset. She organizes grassroots resistance efforts such as a Deep Truth conference and an activist group called Ecofeminists Visions Emerging (EVE). Cat is dedicated to shifting the vibration and turning the tide.”

She co-hosts False Flag Weekly News with Kevin Barrett on the first Saturday of each month. Cat’s websiteTwitterFacebook.

She will be Freedom Loves Company, Sunday, July 4th 8-9 Eastern, 6-8 Mountain on Revolution.Radio, Studio B. (LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE)

In the following hour, 9-10 pm Eastern, 7-8 pm Mountain, John Shuck will share a radio essay for Independence Day.