Anastasis 2020



Today is Sunday, April 12, 2020.

It is Easter Sunday.

The Church is on lockdown.

The Body of Christ is in its tomb.

Satan has killed Jesus. Jesus has not been raised.

For the first time since 1349, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem closed its doors. It hadn’t done so since the Black Death. COVID is not the Black Death. Those who have manipulated this event are the Black Death. They have forcibly prevented the Body of Christ to assemble, to be an ekklesia, to gather physically to heal, to share the Gospel, to pray, to break bread, to worship.

Today is the most important day in the church calendar. Today is Resurrection Day. There is no resurrection. There is only virtual resurrection and virtual worship conducted on the oppressor’s media platforms. Church leaders around the world, themselves, have invited, insisted, and praised their own oppression.

“Please shut our doors,” they scream to the antichrist that has taken control of the world’s governments. “Please close the church! Thank you, O, thank you, for shutting us down! You, Dr. WHO, are the true Holy Wisdom. Yours is the Voice of the Holy Spirit.” With virtual worship, church leaders do the will of the antichrist.

Only those who are worshiping illegally, in a body, who have courageously resisted the antichrist and its pronouncements, and have held real worship, who are scorned for doing so, shamed, abused, and arrested, only they are the true worshipers on this day. Christ is raised in them.

As for me, I don’t think I have ever felt this much despair for humanity as now. The despair is not over the level of wickedness in high places, but the shroud of ignorance and fear that has covered the people so they cannot see it. They acquiesce and even beg for their own oppression. We are headed within a few years for massive death and enslavement. No resurrection is in sight. Perhaps we deserve it.

In my country, the United States, the bureaucrats have dutifully obeyed their orders from above them. These bureaucrats have closed schools and businesses. They have shut down mosques, synagogues, temples, churches and all places of worship. They have forcibly taken from the people their first amendment rights guaranteed to everyone. Rights that shall not be abridged. The First Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Speech has been abridged. Censors are alive and well on the antichrist’s platforms, removing articles and videos that provide information that is counter to the antichrist’s message. They pretend to do so under the authority of “independent fact checkers” who in reality lack the authority to tie their own shoes without permission and direction from the demons who rule them. We are not permitted even to talk about an alternative plan than the one that allowed Dr. WHO to destroy our societies. When you did you vote for this? When did you decide to allow these authorities to take away your rights? You didn’t. You were manipulated by a combination of media, peer pressure, shame, and fear to hand over your humanity to these evil liars.

Evil liars, did I say? Isn’t that a bit strong? Well, let’s see. How often have we been told lies by our established press on behalf of the powerful? How about the invasion of Iraq in 2003 under the false pretense that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction? Saddam was no picnic, ask Shias, who Saddam regularly oppressed. But Saddam was a puppet of the US, who provided Saddam with chemical weapons against Iran. The US assisted both sides. How much death and destruction is the result of the lies of the militaristic psychopaths in the United States and in Israel, the director of US foreign policy?

Let’s talk about 9/11. A total complete fake. The official lie has been proven a hundred times over to be filled with holes. The established Press, the media, lies to this day about 9/11. It was a movie, it was theatrics. The blame put on supposedly Islamic terrorists. Hijackers. Planes flying into buildings. Theatrics. Two planes did not bring down three skyscrapers. Planes brought down no skyscrapers. The buildings were blown to kingdom come. And the people in them. The only press that reported on the study by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks regarding the demolition of Building 7, first released in 2019 outside of two local Alaska media outlets, was Press TV, the English-speaking television station from Iran. I announced on my radio show that Iran had a freer press than the United States.

The media, completely owned by the archons, the antichrist, these transnational entities and personalities, continue to lie to this day about 9/11, a crime committed by their bosses. And yet, people who even know that, or perhaps expect that, suddenly, believe everything they tell us about COVID! The same liars who gave us the fantasy of 9/11, give us COVID. These liars are really movie-makers. It is all theatrics. COVID: The Movie, is the Sequel to 9/11.

9/11 was not about hijackers. COVID is not about a virus. It is all smoke and mirrors. Theatrics. A movie.

Anastasis! Rise up!

There is no free press in the United States. The press has been bought, paid for, controlled, and directed with scripts from above for a long time. The only real press are the people, taking back their narrative, taking back their truth, taking back their dignity, against the archons who are hellbent on destroying everything we value.

The right of the people peaceably to assemble has been abridged. Gatherings above a certain small number are prohibited, even when they obey the repressive and absurdly comical rules of “social distancing.” Those rules, “stay six feet away from another” are not about stopping the spread of the virus. They are designed to turn us into robots, minions, and obedient serfs. This has nothing to do with healing. For millions of years humankind has survived amidst disease, foul weather, predators, and everything else that nature offers by doing what humanity has always done, isolating the sick, not the healthy, and caring for the vulnerable. We do this every flu season. From a health standpoint, these policies of the antichrist are making us less healthy and more vulnerable to all kinds of sickness and disease.

Around the world, before COVID: The Movie, protests were being held in the streets. They have all been shut down by the antichrist. You may not petition your government for a redress of grievances. You will be arrested.

This is not about a virus. This is control.

The free exercise of religion has been prohibited. The clergy have been reduced to sycophants of the state. I wrote this yesterday on my Facebook page which itself, is a tool of the antichrist for surveillance and control. I wrote:

“One has to understand the power of evil if one is going to understand what is happening. Our enemy is not “nature.” This is not a “natural” virus. The governments are not protecting you. They are bureaucrats obeying orders. They don’t care about you. At best I can see so far, this COVID Movie is a combination of bioweapon and PSYOP by transnational entities and personalities in order to control us. All of our religions (and this includes Christianity and Islam) are too weak and ineffective at dealing with evil. They cannot even name it. How can they resist it? This is proven by the fact that we have all rolled over and have let evil shut us down with lies, telling their followers to “stay at home” and obey their governments. Only the very few of any religion can bear the weight of the mantle of Hussain, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad (peace be upon them).

The free exercise of religion, free speech, assembly, redress, all going if not gone.

We are no longer the United States of America. We are under control of the fake Dr. WHO, the antichrist. The antichrist has locked the body of Christ in a tomb. Hades is standing guard wearing full riot gear.

All around us the world is crashing. Trillions of dollars have just been printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve and given to the evil banksters. It is being spent as if there is no tomorrow, because tomorrow all the money will be worthless. Meanwhile, we are all locked up with nothing to do but watch the screens 24/7. This Hollywood News, the mouthpiece of the antichrist is all of a piece, and we will be entertained, distracted, manipulated and made compliant. And what of the followers of Jesus, the body of Christ? The body rots in its tomb.

The antichrist is laughing. Laughing. Loving every minute. He pulled it off. Humanity proved itself to be as gullible as expected. The antichrist has been taking notes, seeing who has been naughty and nice. This is but a trial run, I suspect. At some point Dr. Who will announce that the virus is no longer a threat and there will be some return to what was before. But not without a price. Mandatory vaccines, ID chips, no more cash, massive surveillance, restriction of movement, and martial law when necessary, may be our day to day reality in the near future. Of course, dissidents will be rounded up and silenced. Then when there is no one left to speak, total enslavement. For centuries. Perhaps a thousand years.

One more piece of bad news, before I dare discuss anastasis.

You should find the website No author is listed on this website. There is no company named on it. It is an interesting website. It is maintained and updated daily and contains news about the business of military hardware. Who is buying what? What is the latest super cool death machine that scientists, scientists that we are supposed to trust, have created for us? You can find all of that. At the bottom of the page, find a link for “countries.” In the list you will find 2017 statistics and a forecast for 2025. The United States of America, according to this website, will have a third of its population in 2025, five years from now. Now we have about 325 million people. In 2025 according to this forecast, the population of the United States will be less than 100 million.

What to make of this? A joke? A crazy prediction from a doom and gloomer? A tease to stir up conspiracy theorists? It could be.

Another possibility. This is not a forecast. This is a plan. The antichrist is arrogant and vain. The antichrist leaves clues right out in the open. Clues such as Lockstep in 2010 that produced a scenario for a pandemic, eerily similar to the COVID movie we are currently experiencing. Clues such as Event 201 held in the Fall of 2019, to respond to a pandemic that just happened to come true. Participants received cute coronavirus plushies.

I don’t know if the population of the United States will be reduced to a third by 2025. Maybe it will be 2027 or 2030 or 2023. Or maybe never. I don’t know what evil the antichrist has designed for us. I expect it.

Humanity is going down. It is not our fault as a species. It is because of design by the rulers of this present darkness. We are under attack by evil.

Those who have known me and my ministry for some or all of the past 27 years, know that I normally don’t talk like this. I dismissed and even mocked Christians who understood the power of evil. I was even an atheist pastor, in part because no understanding of God made any sense in the materialist universe that had been constructed for me by education, the same education that has elevated evil in the guise of scientists and doctors as our rulers.

My mind changed as I began to explore the evil of 9/11, an evil that could not even be explored because people were too afraid to admit what it all meant, that we have been ruled and controlled by transnational entities and personalities, who mean to do us harm. I stopped being afraid of what would happen to me if I explored and shared what I was learning. My awareness expanded, at least as I see it. Others say I just went crazy. One day we will all know.

I was also changed as I saw signs of resurrection in Karbala, Iraq when I visited the shrine of Imam Hussain (peace be upon him) and I felt the summons to tell what I felt was true regardless of personal sacrifice. Hussain and his family and companions made the ultimate sacrifice. Nothing I could do would be comparable to Hussain. I am too late to that battle. I am too late to do anything for Hussain. All I can do is bear witness to what I have seen. I will do it so help me God. If I am the one deluded and wrong, then I will face that judgment by Allah.

I have lost my friends now. I have lost my position as a pastor. I suspect that the vast, vast majority of my new Muslim friends are abandoning me as well. I am just too crazy to not believe the screens. Trust the doctors! Trust the government! Trust science! No, I will not. Those are worthless clichés. The doctors and scientists trotted out by the screens are either compromised or are actors. They have been conquered by evil, even as they may not know it. They serve the antichrist. They serve Satan.

I will be banished and silenced. I know that will come.

So my dear beloveds, that is my choice. What is yours?

On Easter Sunday, while you sit at home having lost your freedom to buy seeds for your garden (apparently even seeds are no longer essential), while children are home from shut down schools, while you lost your job, while no one around you is even sick, we wouldn’t know anything was wrong if it weren’t for the screens showing us this movie. While all of this is happening, your demise is being plotted. You are being watched. You are being recorded. You are letting the antichrist take your soul.

What is your choice?

“John Shuck and those like him are crazy. They are dangerous. Trust the screens!”

That will be the choice of many, if not most, who hear what I say.

Whether or not I am crazy, it does not change what is happening. That will still be up to you whether I and others who are bearing witness to the evil that is unfolding are around or not.

You are never free from your responsibility to think for yourself. You are a moral agent and you cannot shirk that responsibility.

You have a decision to make.

Who is your friend? Who is your enemy? Whose voice will you trust? Simply taking the easiest route, the path that everyone else takes, is a decision. You are responsible for it. Just because all your friends put their trust in the screens, it is still your decision. If there is such a thing as Allah and the Day of Resurrection, you will be judged for your decision. Choose wisely.

If you are still listening, watching, or reading, you know something isn’t right. You may not go all the places I am going, but you know something is very, very wrong. You know it in your gut. What will you do about it?

Today is Easter Sunday. I don’t know if there has been a comparable Easter to today since Christianity began. I learned just within the last couple of years thanks to biblical scholar and theologian, John Dominic Crossan, that the Eastern Church may have a more fruitful understanding of the Resurrection of Jesus than the Western Church.

Resurrection in the Eastern Church is not just Jesus rising from the tomb himself. In the Eastern Church, as seen by the icon, resurrection is anastasis, it is rising up. Jesus breaks the prison of death, which is also known as sleep, and pulls humanity from their prison. Jesus busts them out, grabbing ahold of Adam and Eve by the wrists, the first humans and pulling them out of Hades. Jesus pulls out David and Solomon, Abel, the first martyr, and John the Baptist, and all the martyrs and prophets follow in the victory. Hades is on the ground, crushed by his own gates, that he used to seal humanity in its prison of death, delusion, and sleep. The nail scarred foot of Jesus walks on top of Hades and his gate. No gate of death shall contain him.

Anastasis! Rise up! Rise up! Jesus is busting you out.

Giving you life. Waking you up. Calling you to make a decision for truth.

I don’t know how this ends, that is in the near future. In the far future, God’s kingdom will come. God’s will be done. But in the near future, I don’t know.

It is not my business to judge humanity or to judge God. I don’t know if Jesus will bust us out of our prison or whether that will have to wait for several more centuries. Part of that answer depends, I suppose, on whether or not humanity is ready to be released. Sometimes things like dull minds, take time to sharpen. Perhaps a few centuries enslaved by the antichrist will be what we need to find our courage and our wits.

We have but one job in these times. That job is to bear witness. We are to be martyrs. Martus in Greek means both martyr and witness. You tell what you believe to be true. What you have seen. What you have heard. You tell what your faith is about. Who you trust.

This battle is a long battle. It is longer than our individual lives. If we bear witness and we die, we will become part of that Great Cloud of Witnesses. We will have work to do, at least as I see it, even beyond the grave.

When it is time for Imam Mahdi to appear and for Jesus to return, the two together will establish justice.

For those of you who have known me from before, you know, I have not spoken like this in my sermons or writings. It is because I underestimated the reality and the power of evil. I also underestimated the reality and power of goodness and truth.

No more.

I don’t know how to reconcile my faith in Jesus and my faith in Hussain. I am not sure how all the theological pieces fit together. I trust that Jesus led me to Karbala and Jesus introduced me to Hussain. Hussain taught me how to follow Jesus. Hussain and Jesus are one.

To me their witness is one. They sacrificed so that humanity might rise up and live.

Humanity has a choice.

Will it rise up?

Will you?