The End of An Era

The reason is numerical.

I realized the other day, counting on my fingers, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018…that I have completed seven years of radio shows with Progressive Spirit, formerly, Religion For Life.

Seven years. Seven complete seasons. Seven is the number of completion. Obviously, it is a wrap.

My last two interviews with Brad Gregory (Rebel in the Ranks) and Fred Provenza (Nourishment), will be my final interviews. The show is ending.

I am keeping my once per month show, The Beloved Community, on KBOO from nine to ten a.m. every second Friday. The weekly show, Progressive Spirit, however, will end after seven years.

I started the show thanks to encouragement by Teresa Keller of WEHC in Emory, Virginia. She wanted a progressive religious voice to counter the fundamentalist religious voice so prevalent on the radio in Appalachia. Emory was a bit of a drive for me and I needed a station a little closer to home. So I approached Wayne Winkler of WETS in Johnson City about the idea of an educational program about religion.

Wayne warmed up to the idea, taught me how to produce a show, and encouraged me all along. The show survived the death of my son, a move to Portland, and a format change from a half-hour to an hour-long program. In addition to WETS and WEHC, the show airs on about fifteen to twenty stations on a weekly basis and is available through the Pacifica Radio Network and Global Community Radio.

The show will remain on-line and available for anyone to access for free. The show has always been free of course with no advertising, subscriptions, or donations to keep it going. It was supported by my two congregations, First Presbyterian Church of Elizabethton, Tennessee and Southminster Presbyterian Church of Beaverton, Oregon.

The show ended up taking time. Preparation, production, and promotion, all took time. It got to the point where it was tiring. Also, my interests are changing. I am interested in issues of war and peace, truth and goodness that mainstream media, including much of the so-called alternative media, are not allowed to address. I am talking about the so-called Global War on Terror, and the false flags, lies, and Islamophobia that fuel it. Progressive Spirit isn’t big enough for that.

Ending the show is my decision. I never like to keep things beyond their expiration date. Progressive Spirit has expired. What will be next? I don’t know. Of course, I have my personal studio. I have my monthly show on KBOO. A documentary film, For Love of Husayn (as) is in the production stages now. I will now have more time to write my own ideas.

For the time being, I need to focus on my congregation and its needs. This trip to Iraq and the connections that I have made since are very exciting. This is an inter-faith and inter-cultural opportunity beyond my wildest dreams. I need to spend time with Southminster and see if this adventure is for the both us.

Whatever happens, it is all good and it has been good.

Stay with me. I will be writing and posting stuff on this space.

There is more to come.