Creationism and Breaking Up with God

In this episode I take us back to 2012 for a re-broadcast of interviews with Sarah Sentilles and Eugenie Scott.

In the first part of today’s show, you will hear an interview that first aired in January 2012 with Sarah Sentilles. Sarah Sentilles broke up with the Creator of the Universe just as she was about to be ordained as a priest in the Episcopal Church.  She tells all in her book, Breaking Up With God: A Love Story.  In this interview Dr. Sentilles shares her theological journey and demonstrates why if the church is going to have any relevancy to educated and inquiring minds, it is going to need to challenge its patriarchy and its outdated images of God.

Eugenie Scott, was  executive director of the National Center for Science Education from 1986 to 2014.  In 2012 she was my guest to discuss the history of the evolution/creationism controversy, and promote the teaching of science.

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