Beloved Community: Election 2016

This is the election episode of the Beloved Community. I speak with Laurence Leamer author of The President’s Butler, a fictional account of a billionaire who decides to run for president.

Afraid of Trump becoming president? Well, don’t be too thrilled about the alternative. Professor Mark Lewis Taylor of Princeton Seminary has written a couple of articles for Counterpunch in which he lays out the case for defeating both Trump and Clintonian Neo-Liberalism.  Here is a transcript of this conversation created by Professor Taylor.

It’s about money.  Corporations are spending over 16 million in Oregon to defeat measure 97. I speak with Oregon PTA Legislative Director Otto Schell about what Measure 97 will and will not do.

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Friday, October 14th 9-10 am KBOO 90.7
Pacifica Network Syndicated Version (Amy Livingstone replaces Otto Schell)