Johnny Mast, Breakaway Amish, August 4-10

Five years ago the nation was stunned by the case of the Bergholz beard cutters. The Bergholz Amish Community in southern Ohio found itself outside the law by following its bishop, Sam Mullet, who became increasingly authoritarian. He controlled his community, doling out punishments, sexually abusing the wives of the men he punished, instructing members to forcibly cut beards and hair of other members of the Bergholz community.

The FBI became involved when Mullet ordered his followers to cut and shave beards and hair of those he considered his enemies in other Amish communities.  We are going to hear the story told from the point of view of Sam Mullet’s grandson, Johnny Mast, who eventually broke away from the community. He is the author along with Shawn Smucker of Breakaway Amish: Growing up with the Bergholz Beard Cutters.

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