Ned Rosch, Jewish Voice For Peace, March 10-16

Ned Rosch is a co-founder of the Portland chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace.   He says that advocating for justice for the Palestinians has made him more Jewish than ever.  He talks to me, personally, about his own awakening, liberating and painful, and the rift in the Jewish community as they struggle over the meaning of Israel, and the deep challenge facing Israel of what it will be, a true democracy or an apartheid state.


Thursday, March 10th at 8 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Sunday, March 13th at 8:30 am on WPVM, 103.7.
Sunday, March 13th at noon on WEHC, 90.7.
Sunday, March 13th at 2 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Monday, March 14th at 1 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Wednesday, March 16th at 6:30 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Via podcast 11 am Pacific, Sunday March 13th.


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