Charles Shingledecker, Freedom to Doubt, July 3-9

Charles “Chuck” Shingledecker cares about religion and about matters of faith.  He cares so much that he is willing to engage in the honest searching tradition of apophatic theology.  The fruit of this search is his book, Freedom to Doubt.   He puts his inquiring mind to work doubting biblical stories and theological doctrines and shows that doubt, not fear, is the beginning of wisdom.

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Thursday, July 3rd at 8 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Saturday, July 5th at 1 pm on KZUM, 89.3.
Sunday, July 6th at noon on WEHC, 90.7.
Sunday, July 6th at 1230 pm on WHAN, 1430 AM/102.9 FM
Sunday, July 6th at 2 pm on WETS, 89.5.
Monday, July 7th at 1 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Wednesday, July 9th at 6:30 pm on WEHC, 90.7.
Via podcast beginning July 10th.