R.W. “Obie” Holman, Queer Clergy

The movement for acceptance and equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender people over the last 40+ years has been in many respects a church movement.   The sanctuary is the arena and ordination to ministry has been the prize.  RW “Obie” Holman describes the movement and the participants in his newly released book, Queer Clergy:  A History of Gay and Lesbian Ministry in American Protestantism.   He blogs at Spirit of a Liberal.   He spoke with me on Religion For Life about the civil rights movement of our time.  

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2 thoughts on “R.W. “Obie” Holman, Queer Clergy

  1. Your intro to this week’s program demonstrates that progressives believe in tolerance for anyone except traditional, orthodox Christians. You seem to not be able to respect those who hold to the Bible’s face-value teachings on homosexuality.

    I wish you would have, at least once a year, an outspoken evangelical such as Ken Ham or Ray Comfort on your program. I would like to see you go head-to-head with someone who would strongly disagree with your positions. It would be fun for my particular subset of your listening audience to listen to your exchanges with them.

    I listen regularly to your programs. I’ve learned that our differences simply come down to how we view the Scriptures. You enlighten me as to what thoughts are out there — even though I usually disagree with them. (I did appreciate your program on knowing the working conditions of those who make the products that we buy in America.)

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