Larry Easterling, Spiritual Care with Appalachians: Beyond Stereotypes, September 19-25

This week my guest is Larry Easterling of the Spiritual and Pastoral Care Department of Mountain States Health Alliance.  He has written an article that will be published this Fall in the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling, entitled “Spiritual Care with Appalachians:  Beyond Stereotypes.”   He is also an organizer of “Prays Well With Others:  The Use of Meditation/Prayer in Various Faith Groups.”   Dr. Easterling describes the seminar and article in this way:

The whole purpose of our seminar “The Use of Meditation and/or Prayer in Various Faith Groups” is to learn about how “the other” practices their faith. The article I have included helps us get beyond stereotypes prevalent about Appalachians. And our seminar hopes to do that as well with diverse faith groups.

The first session was September 16th.  Remaining sessions will be on the following Mondays:  September 30, October 21, and October 28 at 7 pm at the Votow Auditorium in the Palma Robinson Center across from the Johnson City Medical Center.   For more information visit the Facebook page.

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