Rex Hunt, Why Weren’t We Told? A Handbook for Progressive Christianity, September 12-18

What is the state of religion, including progressive Christianity, in Australia?  To explore that question I spoke with Rex A. E. Hunt, a retired Uniting Church minister, who lives just north of Sydney.   He spoke to me about his work as a progressive minister, author, liturgist, and social ecologist.   He is the chair of the Common Dreams Conference, September 19-22, 2013 and is the co-editor of Why Weren’t We Told?  A Handbook on “progressive” Christianity.  According to the book’s description:

Progressive Christianity is not new. It has been around for two hundred years or more. But the anger and disappointment of those who have encountered it only recently is palpable: “Why weren’t we told?” This international collection of cameos and articles on the themes and issues addressed by progressive Christianity is a response to that cry.

You can find him on his webpage and on Facebook.

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